HeartStrings Sisters

HeartStrings Sisters is a nonprofit program with a dual mission to save lives and provide emotional support for women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Your donation to HeartStrings Sisters, through the Goshen Health Foundation, are used to provide free screening mammograms and promote early detection of breast cancer.

For the last nine years, Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center has used the annual decorated Bra Contest to raise awareness for breast cancer. To date, the contest has raised over $12,000 with the support of the community.

Breast cancer is one of most common cancers that women may face in their lifetime. It can occur at any age and certain risk factors may cause women to have a greater chance of developing breast cancer than other types of cancer. The best defense is to find breast cancer early – when it’s small, has not spread, and is easier to treat. Our comprehensive High Risk Breast Cancer Program gives patients a personalized breast cancer risk identification and reduction plan. For information about The Retreat’s programs and services, call (574) 364-4600 or visit Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center online.